Camp circle

4-H is the youth development component of Virginia Cooperative Extension.  

4-H Camps

4-H Enrichment Programs

  • 4-H School Enrichment Programs are offered through the school system.  Teachers utilize 4-H curriculum to enhance the topics they have to teach.  All materials are correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning.

    Topics Include

  • Electricity
  • Horticulture
  • Forestry/Environmental Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • Citizenship/Character Counts
  • Food and Nutrition

4-H Clubs

A 4-H Club is an organized group of youngsters (ages 9 to 18) with elected officers and a planned program that is conducted throughout the year or the majority of the year.  All clubs are made up of youth members and volunteer leaders.

  • 4-H Community Clubs are formed in neighborhoods.
  • 4-H After-School Clubs meet within the schools in the afternoon
  • 4-H In-School Clubs meet in classrooms during the regular school day.
  • 4-H Project Clubs concentrate on one project area through the club.

4-H Adult Volunteers

Does it excite you to see youth motivated about learning and doing? Do you think it might be fun to help a group of young people learn about your special interest topic or area of expertise? If making a difference in the life of a young person appeals to you, become a 4-H volunteer leader.

4-H provides a variety of educational learning opportunities and experiences for youth 9 through 18 years of age. In addition, Cloverbud 4-H groups are designed for youth 5 through 8 years of age. Leadership, citizenship and life skills are taught through learn-by-doing projects, in local 4-H club programs, at 4-H camps, as well as at county, district, state and national events.

If you are interested in becoming a 4-H club volunteer or adult chaperone at 4-H camp or other events, please contact the Accomack Extension Office at 757-787-1361 x 10.

Active Clubs

  • Robotics 
  • Hoofbeats by the Beach
  • Shooting Education