Agriculture is the number one land use for Accomack County encompassing 83% of Accomack County’s total acreage. Farming is crucial to the economy of the County and to the way of life of its residents. Based on the 2012 census, Accomack is ranked the number one county in Virginia for grain production, and number two ranking county for vegetables and broiler production based on prodection value. Accomack is also the third highest ranking county in Virginia for total value of agricultural products sold. While grain agriculture dominates, small farms and alternative enterprises are increasing in number. Some of those niche market operations include greenhouses, organic, speciality vegetables and livestock operations. 

Agriculture Extension programs include:

  • Agricultural Information   
  • Soil Testing and Recommendations
  • Business Management and Marketing
  • Nutrient Management
  • Educational Programming
  • Pesticide Certification
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Vegetables, lawns and more

Diagnostic and Laboratory Services